Musical Shows- Rich Art works

Music plays and movies are very common in the past. These are upgraded musical strategy to promote the beauty and value of music. Of course, it is better to look for musical movies and plays if we are learning to sing songs.



Here are some of the musical plays that are rich in music:

Fiddler on the Roof. This is Jewish musical play that portrays the drastic change of the Hebrew culture.

Frozen. This is the most loved musical movie of now. Although this is for kids, adults also come to like this one.

The Phantom of the Opera– Anyone who will watch this movie will be think will be impressed by the beautiful songs and plot of the story.



Le Miserables. This one is one of the most heart touching story in the world. The touching songs can make you cry and touch your heart.

The West Side Story. This is one is not new to people since this is the adaptation from Romeo and Juliet Story.  Simply this is the love story from two rivals so songs are love songs.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet  Street



The songs are so sad for this regulates a bad story that is fact in human life.

High School Musicals. These comes in many episodes and this really focuses on music.

The lists are chosen because the songs these movies have come in different genre and that they come in various divisions such as romantic songs, traditional songs and classical songs. The reason musical plays and musical movies are admirable is that they are sung in an actual manner, not just a background song.