Music Resounds

Happiness is when you see the world full of arts– music, paintings, sculpture, dances, theater and many more. Of course, this is not the only source of happiness but at least these ones will make our life full of vitality and life.

We can make our life colorful and meaningful when we do something in the field of arts and not only fill our brain with knowledge. The most important thing is when we make ourselves and others happy by means of arts, putting our knowledge into fulfillment.



In the world, the most common communication we have is language and our language has made more complete by our musicians all over the world. Listed below are the common albums that artists around the world have contributed to those who yearn for beautiful songs and melodious voices.

Nowadays, eastern music are ringing the ears of many people. Of course western music too have become the most influential music around the world. In fact, modern music in the east have adapted some music style of the west.



As you know, music is not all about lyrics and melody aloneā€”it is the emotion that is shared and linked to listeners. These songs and albums are created with warm tone, melody, texture and pitch. The most ideal songs that are trending now is pop or rock. But these will change your idea with music and that you will be inspired to sing songs that can embody the emotion of an artists.

Since I am a painter, I always look forward on the result of my paintings. In order to be inspired, I play songs while painting. Naturally, I found myself combining the emotion of the song to the painting I am working on. In this way, I could paint works that are more beautiful.