Knowing all about the ballet pointe shoes

It is very interesting just to watch someone dancing ballet. You have other feeling compared to when you are watching a hip hop performance. You are drawn to the dancer itself staring at her feet and her hands to see their movements. As ballet focus on feet, many audiences also focus on them. It is not always a perfect performance for ballet dancers because they can fall during performance even if they have practiced it for a long time.

If you watch the video you can see and learn more about the important tool in ballet dancing and that is the pointe shoes. A dancer can wear many kinds of it during rehearsals and on the day of performance itself. as they can be used and lose some quality and support during the rehearsal so they wear a new pair of shoes during their performance. As it says in the video, every ballet dancer knows their shoe like this elder care who knows much well their service click next. They way they are cut and the way they should be adjusted to fit them well.

It is fascinating really to know these things and be able to appreciate them more as we have more knowledge about it. Then to see other interesting facts and information that you will surely want to read. You can also browse the other articles written on this website as there are more.