Influence of Art to the Society

Seeing the past until the present, we can see who influenced the society to engage themselves in the work of an art. IN the age of dynasty, we for sure, there are many people who had already demonstrated their talent in the field of art. However, they were not considered as wit people. However, the works of people in the past are regarded as treasure in this age. Hundreds of years have already passed by but their names are shining in the hearts of people.

Shakespeare is the most famous one when we talk about literary art work. His works are considered as the most powerful work in the history of language. He actually created more than 1000 words added in the English Language. Leonardo da Vinci, and Michaelangelo are the first to be remembered when talked about painting since their work are regarded as stars in the sky. Their religiosity influenced da Vinci to paint the Last Supper and Michaelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel.  These paintings are very famous in this age.

Plays had already been existing in the time when literary artworks are in bloom since these have been performed on stage already. But of course, in those day, these kind of works were not really famous in those days until the 19th century. Movies comes first in the form of a story and then script is created. Afterwards, they now proceed to the shooting. A movie which is regarded as the most loved artwork comes with different forms of art—literary, visual and performing.