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How do people view the artworks of people? Beautiful? When people stay at home, they watched television are all works of art.

Musical play is an example of a good artwork. I collect paintings and develop a story out of it and I just edit them and add songs as a background. At times, I also compose songs by seeing the world full of art. I just do not publish them or post them.

I collect them for personal use.  Religious songs are also good for the soul so that I can be strengthened whenever I am exhausted, distressed and frustrated. Truly, songs are the comfort of our mind. Try opening these albums:



Greatest Hits II. This the most famous album in the United Kingdom appreciated by many people around the world. This also made and influence to the development of modern music in the east.

Chthonic Bu-tik. A Chinese Album that definitely enforce nationalism, folk music and many more.

To Anyone. This Korean music album is good because it comprises many different genres aof music like R&B, Pop, Hip hop and many more.



Buenevista Social Club. This is a Cuban album that was released in 1997. The original language is in Spanish and is very popular to the Americans.

Les Miserables. This album has so much impact on the heart of many people and touches the heart of many people.

Brasileiro. Another famous album from Brazil and it is being popularized due to the culture of Brazil shown though it.

The more you will like music, the more you will be motivated to become passionate in all the works that you do. It is very beneficial for all people to help themselves to listen to songs of other nations in order to find the talent of every nation. SO these website encourages all people to engage themselves in different music style of each nation.